Cisco s3260 ucs chassis firmware package

cisco s3260 ucs chassis firmware package

cisco s3260 ucs chassis firmware package

Additionally, beginning with Cisco UCS Manager Release 3.1(2), you can upgrade the firmware of Cisco UCS S3260 chassis components by defining a chassis firmware policy and including it in the chassis profile associated with a Cisco UCS S3260 chassis.

The Cisco UCS 5108 blade server chassis does not support chassis profiles and cannot be associated to a chassis profile. For Cisco UCS S3260 chassis, S-Series server software bundles earlier than Cisco UCS Manager Release 3.1(2) are not supported.

 · For the Cisco UCS S3260 chassis, you can upgrade the CMC, chassis adapter, chassis board controller, SAS expander, and local disk firmware through the chassis firmware package in the chassis profile. Cisco UCS S3260 Server Integration with Cisco UCS Manager, Release 3.2 provides detailed information about chassis profiles and chassis firmware packages.

Design and Deployment of Scality Object Storage on Cisco UCS S3260 M4 Storage Server

Upgrading Firmware—Provides detailed information about Chassis Firmware Packages and the endpoints of Cisco UCS S3260 on which firmware can be updated manually. Viewing Cisco UCS S3260 rack server details—View details such as PSUs, VIC Adapters, Chassis Summary, and SAS Expander. Adding a Rack Account

This is my first post to Cisco Support Community and tomorrow (Friday) I embark on a firmware (eventually to 3.2.3d) upgrade to our UCS Mini B. To be honest, I am apprehensive to do so as this is my first time doing so. Here is our setup: UCS Mini B M4 Chassis Firmware: 3.0.2d FI-A Firmware: 5...

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